I guess what I’m trying to say is
This halo weighs heavy
On my neck and in my heart
Of hearts I know I’m no saint.

I used to be scared of the dark
Because I thought something
Lurked in its shade but
Now I prefer the night.

I felt I needed to feel better
About myself by adopting
A life of smiles and hugs
To strangers and pleasing karma.

But angels are not angels
When the lights go out and
They are left to question their
Place in the world.

And demons are not demons
When it’s morning and
They miss the skies above
Where they used to reside.

Humanity is in between
Tip toeing along the boundaries
Of good and evil daily
Hoping for a break in death.

I guess I’ll try to convince you
I’m different, that my halo shines
Purely out of the good in my heart
And not because I need you to see the light.

A truth even I am not sold on
But must believe that my errors have
Been auctioned and a high price was
Paid too long to be a lie. Right?

But Idk, I’m human same as you
And I sway left and right
Touching base with sin and sanctity
And hopefully I find my way back to me.

Because I lose myself daily
In these short daydreams
Of hypocrisy and pseudo purity
Of heart and of mind.

But you know, I sin same as you
And I sway left and right
Creating excuses and forgiving myself
For the curse of humanity.

I used to envy angels and demons
Because they had their shit together
They knew their sides and they stuck to it
But God made angels. Not demons.

I guess what I’m trying to say is
Good can be bad, society agrees
That it goes vice versa but
Show me the place for a soul like mine.

A touch of both worlds
Light mixed in Dark
With a halo emblazoned on my head
And held firmly in place by horns.

What is the first thing you’d see?
An angel
A demon?

I’m neither really,
Just a man trying to find clarity
But stuck making the best of bad choices.

An angel dressed in all black.

A demon with a white tee-shirt.

Stuck making the same mistakes.

Who am I? Angel or Demon?
No, something worse?

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