I was born this way
Nurture and nature molded this creature that stands before you
Broken and riddled with cracks
Anger and hatred filled my heart with a terrible darkness
I was born this way
Not normal not special not abnormal
Not average not superior not inferior
I was born different
Like a shadow of a bygone specie
Or a precursor of a yet to be race or kind
I was born under the Sun’s gaze
Blackened by its heat
Denied beauty, denied normalcy
In my charred broken body ran veins of gold
My flaws glowed for the world to see
They ridiculed it
My gold had no value in their sight
What was to make me special became my undoing
My gift choked happiness out of my life
So it is with a heavy heart I picked up the pen
The only thing I can do right kills me bit by bit

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