Weird, love; WeirdLove

Weird, love; WeirdLove

People say that because I love intensely it tends to drive people away.
If this is true…
why do you still stay?

You make me feel everything
Besides not too many people get me

There are days it would feel like
you’re trapped all in the name of love
You have to know that love doesn’t kill even if it breaks

I have felt like that.
Somedays I ask myself why I’m with you and what you see in me
sometimes I feel like a tiny dot in your life
but running away seems far-fetched

You don’t even know that you make me cry
All I desire is to see you smile

I want to experience happiness
People look at me and think I have it all but I want to have a genuine smile, I want to be passionate about something

Happiness (like Life) is a personal experience
It doesn’t come the way you expect
Doesn’t feel like what you’ve imagined
It just moves into a permeable person and changes everything
Don’t desire Happiness. Be Happiness

I try…
But trying too hard destroys everything
I get fired up and I lose the fire as quickly as it starts

I love you…
Broken, torn, empty, defeated, battered, sad and happy
With an intensity that drains me and refuels me

I guess I don’t yet understand Love

We make a weird yet beautiful match

You stir me up. I guess I calm you down



(Based on a real conversation with Nicholas)

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