I think I am here for a reason.

To find a reason to exist detached from the already existing order of things.

To be from this world but not be of it.

To be a light even though it’s only popular to be out at night or reside in the cover of the dark.

I feel like I speak from a standpoint that’s outdated from the way I’m looked at when I pour my heart out.

You can’t survive if you stick to that state of mind. I’ve been warned that I’m tinkering with the same explosive thinking that has claimed lives in the past.

I know that life is a maze, a labyrinth that we may never even fully understand before we expire to be reborn again.

I believe that a maze should be appreciated wholly, in fact I think not of a maze as a cage but as a set of keys to multiple doors of reality.

Some spend their whole lives acclimatising to a particular section of the maze, and then they die only to find they fall short of what’s needed.

Some race through the maze, cutting corners and dodging the experiences. Moving through the motions.

I know that an end isn’t the end of existence. I know that death isn’t dying but living elsewhere in a different way. I know that ignorance breeds fear of an end. But I walk through life. Through this maze. Finding myself in every corner, not impatient to see what’s next. Not scaling the hedges.

Because I know that the end of the maze isn’t as important as that journey through it.

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  1. “Because I know that the end of the maze isn’t as important as that journey through it”
    Beautiful closing to an amazing piece. Jamie, it’s lovely to see your work break from the normal. Well done.

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