The Haunter and the Haunted #9

The Haunter and the Haunted #8

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John Doe — Conclusion

He sat in a blue sedan, holding a bracelet in his clenched fist. His mind raced far and wide…”What really happened to me?” He thought… “How did I get here? As if awakened from a slumber, he grinned and said, “just two more to go and I’ll be sated… Brian was too easy to kill. I bet Bridget will be different.”

Bridget had just come out of the grocery shop when a blue sedan sped up to her. “Hello Matt, you got a new car?” she greeted. “Hi! Young lady, Max is in trouble and you are not safe here. Mind joining me in my car?” He asked serenely.

Matthew Johnson, a one-time bodybuilder stood over Bridget’s unconscious body. All he could think about as he tied her hands on the king-sized bed was how much he wanted to hurt her for all she did to him. She smelled so nice. Few minutes after, she regained consciousness. She stared at her captor in utter unbelief… “Matt, so it’s been you all this time??? But why?” He ignored her completely and busied himself with cleaning several knives. Then he said, “you recognise this place, don’t you? You used to spend a lot of time here with him.” Looking around, she realised she was in Brian’s house. “No, this can’t be! This place was sold to a distant relation of Brian.” She blasted. Giggling uncontrollably, Matt winked at her and said, “voici, yours sincerely.” Understanding the gravity of the situation, she decided to stall him to delay the inevitable.

“So you killed them all, even Brian. Why?” She demanded amid sobs. “They didn’t support my decision to become Mayor. Especially Brian. He felt he was something. So I planned his murder. For the others, they were just in the way.” Biting her lips to hold back her anger, she commented, “Even your best friend, Graham?” Turning to the wall, he responded, “Graham was a good man and would’ve never supported me. I finished him because he was onto me. He had to go. He began asking too many questions just like you. Shut up!” Playing it cool, she asked, “what about me? I’ve done you no harm.” Sneering, he threw her a jabbing look, “you were always mean to me. You loved Brian even after I declared my love for you before him. I hate you for that.” She seemed hypnotized by the way he carefully arranged the knives from smallest to biggest. Keep talking. Just continue talking... She thought.

Max’s fear was a tangible presence in the car as he drove like a drunkard down the tarred road. The contents of the note on his table simmered through his thoughts. Who could it be? I need Matt now. But why didn’t he pick my calls. Oh Bridget!. What scared him the most was the last part of the note:

 Come alone or I’ll kill her and dump her body at your doorstep.

You want more blood on your hands?!

              A friend.

Memories of Brian flashed across her face as slow desolate tears ran down her cheek. She tried to block out the disgusting thoughts of what her abductor could do to her. She wanted to scream but she knew that would irritate Matt. In her helpless state, she sank deeper into despair, sobbing quietly. Oh Max, where are you? ” Oh don’t cry! I need you in the right frame of mind for what comes next. And our visitor will be here soon. So smile.” He said. Staring at her bosom, he cooed, “I bet you wish you said yes to me, don’t you?” “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes. Matt, I do.” Matt drew closer to her and ran his hands through her thighs. His eyes glistered.

The cruiser took the corner on two wheels as it ran down the sandy road. If Max was mad, he didn’t show it. He drove with the sort of calm, more dangerous way than acid on a paper cup. Max reached into his pocket for his cellphone, punched in some numbers and waited.
“Hello, it’s Max!” He began. “I’m close to the place. Be on your way now. Bring the calvary along.”
He seemed to have gotten a good response as he smiled and hung up. “But who could it be? I can’t lose her this way.

Matt used the butcher knife to cut lengths of rope from a heavy coil and placed it back on the table by itself. He then checked all the knives again. It took him several minutes but he never lost patience. That precision and single-mindedness menaced Bridget more than anything else. Max, where are you? Matt picked up the butcher knife for a moment, stared at her and came towards her. Bridget was white as a ghost.  All the colour had drained from her face. “Don’t worry”, he said, “I’m going to make you watch me kill your boyfriend. It seems men always die around you.” He hunkered beside her and checked her wrists. He tightened the ropes around her wrists and walked away. It felt unbearable as the blood rushed into her numbed fingers. “Please, don’t hurt Max. He is a good man.” She pleaded to seemingly deaf ears.

It was very quiet when Max arrived at the heavy steel door of the abandoned mansion and through the windows, the house seemed poorly illuminated. Max was acutely aware of every step he took. He curled his left hand around the door and his right hand around his pistol. His fears fixed on what lay beyond; still walking despite his instincts screaming in fear of the unknown. With every step he made, he eased back to hear of any approaching footsteps. He moved quickly but quietly. All his training at the farm seemed to pass through his eyes as he went up the flight of stairs. I hope the bastard has not touched her.

What could be keeping Max so long? I need to end this now. Matt stared at Bridget again and declared, “I guess Max doesn’t care that much.” The calmness in his voice caused goose bumps all over Bridget’s body. He laid over her, began to pull down her skirt. “Hell no! It’s not going to be that easy,” she exclaimed and kicked him in the groin. She caught him off guard as he writhed in pain. His grip loosened and she scampered towards the door. Halfway through, a hand grabbed her head and pushed her onto the floor. His big hands curled around her neck. “You mad dog. You’ll never disrespect me again.” He spat as his fingers tightened. Blackness swam across her vision as she slipped into oblivion.” Oh Max. Where are you?”

The sudden roar of a pistol was deafening. Bridget thought it was all over as his hands loosened. Where am I? Am I dead? The scream of a familiar voice in the distance. She tried to open her eyes but they felt too weighty. She felt someone carrying her and heard Max’s voice, “it is alright! I am here now!” She smiled at him and opened her eyes. Over his arms, she saw Matt sprawled out on the ground in a pool of his own blood.
Thanks for coming Max.

“Well, you never know” Max said after taking a sip of his coffee. “I found someone here to make me remain here.” Mayor simply smiled and replied, “thanks a lot for the help. Not just as a mayor but as a mother. Thanks a lot! Stay for as long as you want. I just can’t believe Matt could do all these. I’ve known him for many years.” Max chuckled and responded, “well, I know he was stubborn but I never took him for a serial killer. Let’s put the episode behind us. I’ll see you around Ma’am” He shook hands with her and exited the large office. Outside the office, in his cruiser, sat Bridget. He scurried into the car and started the engine. “Nothing else matters now but you, Bridget.” He cooed and they sped off into the rays of sunshine…




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