Sweet Dreams and Lazy kisses have been my prescription
Peace is elusive I’ve been told
So I didn’t search
It found me‎
And made sure I saw her coming.

Tight embraces and slow carreses have‎ kept my terrors at bay
I was over
A barnacle on the decks of a sunken ship
Others saw a wreck.
You saw a chance to make rainbows underwater.
You saved me when I didn’t know I needed saving.

Silk straitjackets and Velvet restraints.
A cage where I’m free.
Lonesome have I parlayed with pain
Praying for a break
A chance to not contort my face into frowns
You came and replaced the filth
With a myriad of reasons to smile
You are my joy.

A touch, A grab here and lingering there
I’ve gotten used to the purity of Your soul.
Its depths. I have fallen deep in love with you.
Like a piece of poetry woven into sheets of beautiful lavender silk.
It is the way you look at me that makes my mouth freeze
And my gut harbor winged beauties.
I try to speak, to confess a truth
Truer than history describes
But all I have is a song.

Verse on my lips
Taste of bliss and ethereal release
Teach me the dance of the free and‎
The song of the eagle soaring high
Let my soul sing of a tale of pain
With a happy end. ‎

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