The Ritual

The Ritual

Heart beating with the drum’s rhythm,unintentionally.

The lights have a mind of theirs, I want them on, but out they go. Running away, betraying me. They share my fear of what comes next. They have more luck than I do, they can go out. But I’m unable to do so, your stare immobilizes me, heart racing faster as tempo changes. “Please don’t come any closer”… My unspoken plea seems to you, an invite to proceed. You yank at my dress, my mind is fixed on my betrothed, he would not forgive this. Your spell makes my body want you. But I don’t want you!!!

Candles flicker on, lit low but bright enough to guide your hand. Why can’t I move? Men clad in green all around make no move to stop this. As unsure as I am of nothing, I’m certain they are enjoying this. They watch on with glee… The doors burst open, it’s my betrothed. He charges at you, but the “green” men hold him back, you have your way with me, I’m free now, albeit ridden with sadness. I cannot move towards my betrothed. I spit in your face. You reach out and cut out his heart, heart beat of mine seems to pause. Oohh of all things, you had won. You had my pride. You could have left his heart for me.

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