A World Without Eve 2

A World Without Eve 2

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Eve limped back to the house and met Adam standing at the verandah as though he had been waiting for her all night. “Thank God you are back”, he said in relief. “God has been waiting for us inside the house”. “You better thank God. If not for him I’d never have returned”, she replied in a stiff voice.

God was in the living room; his presence was so strong that Adam and Eve had to avoid looking straight into the light. “I called both of you because there was no way I could address either of you without the other. I joined both of you as one in the garden and I’ll choose to address you as one”, God said. “Adam, I gave Eve to you as a help mate and a companion, but it seems you have underrated the value of what I gave to you.” He continued, “since violence and physical abuse has now become a norm in this union, I have decided to review my creation list and remove all Eves.” Adam and Eve reacted in shock and as they both tried to look at God as the powerful light burned their eyes. “God! It is the serpent. It wasn’t my fault!”  Adam exclaimed. “The serpent told me the other day that Eve had been seeing other Adams and the child she was carrying wasn’t even mine. It suggested I beat her until she lost the child…and besides we have Cain and Abel to take care of. Since we left the garden, things have not been easy. I am not ready to have another child”, Adam continued. Eve cried, “the child was a gift from God Adam. God has made us fruitful and you listened to that thing even after it hugely contributed to the reason why we were banished from Eden. Haven’t you learnt enough lesson from that snake?!”, she questioned him while still sobbing. God then continued, “You should have asked me what to do Adam, instead of listening to the serpent and taking laws into your hands. I will remove all Eves from the face of the earth and bring them back to Heaven”.  Adam inquired, “But God, who will be my companion?” “Nobody!” God broke in. “As a matter of fact, as Eves are leaving the earth, this will also include all female animals and fruit producing trees. No reproducing living thing will be left on the surface of this earth.” “But God, how are we ever going to survive without having Eve, plants and reproducing animals?” Adam complained. “Well, since you decided to take laws into your hands by beating Eve, you can as well figure that out yourself”. Adam burst into tears, regretting all of his silly actions. The serpent had done it again. First it evicted them from the garden and now it was about to take away the reason why Earth was still functioning, Eve.  “Oh no!!! What have I done?” Adam pondered aloud.

Eve was furious. As much as she needed the break from all that torture she was still upset. Who was going to take care of Cain and Abel? How was Earth ever going to survive without her? She knew mankind will die gradually because there will be no food or means of survival and God was later going to create another Earth and bring them back from Heaven eventually. But all that process seemed to be more dreadful than what she had been through herself. “God please. Do not do take me away from mankind. I do not want the earth to suffer because of Adam’s mistake”, she pleaded. “Please God!! please!” God saw the tears of Eve and Adam’s remorse. He had compassion on them. “I am a merciful God, and I will give Adam another chance to prove himself worthy”, God said. “Adam love your wife and do not listen to the serpent, it is only here to steal, kill and destroy. Whenever you need me, I’m here. I’m always here with you, never forget that. Call on me in the day of trouble and I will answer you.”

Adam, sagged with relief and with tears in his eyes thanked God. He grabbed his wife, gave her a heart melting kiss and apologized for being so blind to see the cunning work of the serpent and Eve’s importance in his life and on Earth. He promised never to lay a finger on her again.

They were the only ones in the living room as the presence slowly disappeared. “Oh Eve, thank you for saving my life and the earth. I wouldn’t have been able to live a day without you.” Adam said. “I am sure you would have been able to survive on rocks and sand”, she mocked. They laughed. Looking at the wounds he made on Eve with regret, Adam realized that Eve was too precious to him. What would he have done without her? A world without Eve was a world with nothing.

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