A World Without Eve

Eve ran out of the house screaming, but only as far as the wet grounds would permit as the rains that night had turned the earth slippery. Adam, following behind her in anger, pounced on her again before she could pick herself up and threw more punches on her. “Adam please!!!” She cried. “I am carrying your child and I have given you children, why do you want to kill me before I reap from the labour of motherhood?”. Adam kept hitting her with his blood-stained shirt. “You told me you loved me when The Father joined us together in the garden”, she continued. “You said I was the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh, you promised to take care of me. This was not part of the plan”. Adam paused, looked at her with so much disgust and said, “God joined us together and made me the head.  Ergo, I will do whatever I please with you.” He continued with the blows to her small frame. Eve now being too weak to struggle, allowed him have his way. Her eyes were swollen and she already knew that the child that was growing inside her was lost. Adam, rounding up with a loud scream of anger, spat on her and went back into the house leaving his wife under the pouring, cold night.

Eve, covered in blood, managed to drag herself to the corridor. She was in so much pain, she wished for death; she wished for more than death. But with the resoluteness within her, she resolved to run away — run away from Adam for she no longer recognized the monster within, the one he’d become. With the last strength she gathered, she slowly crawled out of the house into the woods. With the rain still falling, and her eyes soaked from blood and tears, she didn’t see the tree in front of her, she collided with it and took that as a cue to rest. After an hour of crying and wishing, the rain stopped and Eve was all alone in the woods. She wondered if the sun was ever going to shine; the only source of light was the dimly lit moon.

Suddenly, Eve felt a presence. It crawled from behind the tree, down to her shoulders and finally to the ground, coiling in front of her. Eve didn’t seem to be shocked because she knew what it was. This was not the first time it appeared to her since the garden. “Hmmn, Eve. I see you’ve been busy”, it hissed. It gave a loud mocking laugh and almost choked in delight, seeing her in so much pain. “What do you want serpent? Have you not done more harm than good to me? Go away!”. It adjusted itself, moved closer to her. “But you know you can go back to that house and just kill him, it’s easy. Come, I’ll teach you”, the serpent hissed. Eve ignored. “How long will you continue to suffer from the hands of a man you call your husband? He beats you all the time and even made you lose your child. Just go! Kill him! And be at peace. You can even cheat on him. There are so many Adams out there willing to take care of you. God won’t blame you or judge you, He knows what you’ve been through”, it tried to convince her further. Eve shifted her gaze to the serpent and said, “I am not one to ever trust you again. I learnt my lesson after taking your advice in the garden. If not for my silly mistake I would have still been in Eden and my husband wouldn’t have hurt me. Go away serpent or I’ll bruise your head!”. The serpent hissed in frustration and disappeared into the woods.

The day broke soon after and all that happened like a dream, felt hazy. She wished it was. But she was still in pain from all the cuts and bruises. She suddenly saw a bright light. This was not the sun; this was way brighter than daylight. The light looked familiar. “God, is that you?”, she inquired. “I have always been here my child. The earth is mine and the fullness thereof, never forget that” the voice behind the light said. Her voice cracking, Eve beseeched “Why, why did you let these things happen to me? I almost died. But God you could have saved me. Why God!! Why????!!” “Go back home, I’ll be there”, God said.

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  1. I enjoyed your perspective on this already-told tale, but the content didn’t seem to excite enough.

    Fine piece still

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