You were a dance,
Slow and full of grace.
You’d sway hence and thence,
Whilst keeping a coy smile on your face.

I was a dance,
Slightly different and full of energy.
I’d gyrate and keep in tune with the clapping of my hands.
I didn’t care I was as shameless as the naked blue jay.

Our ballroom was unorthodox,
Playing host to the most unlikely pair.
You’d move slowly like a wave avoiding the rocks.
Only because your feet were shackled with fear.

As David I danced to undress,
Clad only in the ecstasy your love daily brought.
We didn’t care that we moved out of phase,
We danced, it didn’t matter what anyone else thought.

I’d often reach out to take your hand,
Get you into this groove I was lost in.
It only meant disaster. We fell only to land,
In a void where we could not dance as the music played.
We could only writhe in pain and listen.

All was lost but we still wanted to move. To love,
So we tried a conversation with the stretching out of hands.
We spoke with wishful touches and teary stares.
Words would have not been enough.
Now every time we look away and sigh.
But really we only wish to dance.


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