Dear Half-Baked Bread


No one should tell you who to be
but when you have nothing to express,
shouldn’t you allow us the benefit of your silence?
Must we all be writers?

When did poetry get so bland?
How did internet access bring out the nonexistent artistry in all of us?
How did poetry become salvation for any poor sod trying to escape this zombie world?
How did zombies themselves start to write?

We let the entire world into our heads
and give you intimacy so profound,
It’s a little like being naked in the market
with no idea who exactly is looking.
It’s shameful.
It’s exhilarating.
It’s powerful.

But social media lets you string a bunch of words together
and sign your name under,
tagging yourself some nonsensical form of creator.
Anything to sound in touch with common sense.

Hashtags are the most tiresome things.
But we like trends.
We like to surf with the tide and do all the things that are only cool on captions, but are stupid in real life.
Sound profound and trivialize our revered art with youthful stupidity
Honestly, this world doesn’t need more poets.


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  1. What of those poor souls who can’t exist without putting pen on paper and pouring out carefully crafted thoughts?
    Should they give it up because of the steady inflow of mass produced caricature poetry??
    Love your post though ?

    1. Hello Pyro.
      It’s the mass produced caricature poetry that this post is aimed at,not the people who have things to say.
      Thank you for the love. Lol

  2. Spoken from the heart, you are really good, Truth without the Sugary exterior even though you love chocolate, lol

  3. Everyone wants to be profound 😥 what we get in the end is profoundly half baked bread😅 Truly we do not need more poets.

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