Father said, “face your studies and read your books”

Mother said, “focus on your relationship with God”

Big sis said, “men are liars and boys are just men in training”

Bestie said “…but he is not fine”

No one understood

No one understood the shortness of breath she seemed to suffer whenever he was near or the quickening of her heartbeat when he threw her one of his roguish smiles

Every now and then, he sent her poems

Its poor content and his poor handwriting make it even more endearing

She wrote at the back of her notebooks, silly nonsense like “Faith weds Jide” and “Mrs Faith Akunbe”

What was this delightful new thing that stole her reasoning like a pickpocket at Yaba Market?

Could she be about to star in her very own Telenovela?

So on the 14th of February 2011 during the short break underneath a mango tree, she uttered her first “yes”

Thus began the journey to her first regret

She mistook excitement for love and uttered her first “yes”

Now her eyes clouded up when he entered her field of vision

She often entertained the thought of screaming at him

She couldn’t find solace in memories

Bestie said “a finer boy would come soon jare

Big sis said “I warned you but you wouldn’t listen”

Mother said “It is part of life my dear”

Father said “I hope you have learnt your lesson”

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