It’s like I’m searching for something,
Unknowingly at first,
With the way I look into the faces,
Of every stranger I come across,
With the way I look up at the stars at night,
For an answer, or maybe even the question.
Then it dawned onto me,
It dawned onto me that I was searching,
For all the missing bits of me.

I started looking in all the spaces between time,
In all the silences,
And strange heartbeats,
And the butterflies in my belly.
I started looking for you in every touch
Every caress, a brush of the shoulder,
A kiss, a hug,
And everything in between.

Eventually, we met.
And just as I had imagined,
Even better than I have imagined,
Our first contact was electric.
I swear, I could almost hear the sizzle
Of the current that passed between us.
When you smile at me,
The butterflies I felt this time took over my entire being,
And lifted me off my feet with their motions.
When we eventually kissed that night,
Blanketed by the night sky,
Just us in a world not entirely ours,
I felt my missing pieces return back to me.
For the first time in my life,
I was whole.

Surrounded by all the pieces that used to belong to me,
The irony of my existence so glaring,
With the shards of my body and soul,
Shattered around me.
How cruel is it,
To be whole, only to be made unwhole again?
How cruel is it,
To find all that you need,
But only in the wrong place?

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