Room 203

Room 203

The room was quiet, as it should be…as he wanted it to be. He replaced the locks and made his way to the dresser, nothing had been moved. He undid his tie and slowly trailed the scuff marks on the floor to the bathroom where she was already soaking in the tub. As was their ritual, she had the key to the room at his penthouse suite at Croft Hotels. Beautiful as the first day he met her, it wasn’t hard for him to get lost staring at her tiny nose, or her lush black hair and how it would make her shoulders smaller and breasts come into view.

“Are you going to stand there all night or join me?” Rita said, picking up the glass of champagne that was at the edge of the tub.

Jonah had drifted back to Lagos, his mind actually. His body still didn’t move. It was the same way she made him feel every time they had their little rendezvous.

Rita, 22, was the lead singer in a rising pop sensation group; Sinsanity. And her message was perfect, lucid yet enshrouded in beautiful Synth-pop sounds. But the first time he saw her, it wasn’t at a concert or on TV and he definitely wasn’t a fan. It was at his father’s funeral. A quiet occasion, few tears and a few shaded faces. He always wondered if they hid grief or the fact that they had way too much makeup on for a funeral. She walked up to him, her frame didn’t come into view yet. He saw her sincere eyes welling up with tears, tears for his father but he could swear he’d never seen the two together. He turned from the grim tombstone he had been staring idly at, his face stern but not without some trace of pain. It wasn’t clear when he stopped noticing the mascara running down her face and commenced staring at her hips contort and relax, bulge and slack her silk black dress. It must have been a while because she was by now, wearing a different look on her face.

He finally returned to the dim-lit bathroom, mind, body and erection. Not one for plenty words, he never let his mouth do anything but please her body.

The night air was still, as if it was tiring of running to and fro the four corners. He still stood there, watching her get out of the tub. He enjoyed this part the most; she was always conscious of her body when he stared and he loved to stare. The florescence did her favours one too many, letting her skin glisten as the water dried off slowly. He couldn’t wait that long, he finally moved, this time towards her. Picked her up and proceeded to the bed. He laid her there, letting her watch him this time as he made light work of his garments. She reached for her phone, put on his fave song as if to serenade his undressing. He didn’t mind, he hummed along the words…

‘You are my escape, every taste breaking the chains…’

He clapped once, then twice to turn off the blaring lights and make way for a softer bluish hue. His and her fave colour. She clapped once, and the lights came back on. Puzzled, he set his squinty eyes on her as if to recall if he knew her. She motioned for him to come over to the bed, he heeded and soon was detailing her skin with words layered in saliva and desire. His hands tracing her body, appreciating each and every scar, loving every flaw. He was used to doing this in the dark but for some reason, she wanted the lights on. He didn’t mind, didn’t care much for these things.

He kissed her lips, like a lover would and trailed her neck down to her navel and made his way to kiss her other lips, deep. Her soft moans drowning under the sound of her own voice already playing…

every time I’m with you, there’s a thousand reasons I shouldn’t but I never want to leave’
‘if this love is a cage, then I’d rather be free within your arms than trapped in the big bad world’

She came, but he wasn’t done. He held her closer and tongued his way to another climax. Catching her breath, she pushed him back softly; crawling ever so slowly and proceeded to straddle him. His hands still navigating their way around her slowly pulsating body, he knew this was where he belonged — with her, society couldn’t tell him who to love. He loved Rita and he didn’t care if she was his half-sister.

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