Déjà vu or…

Déjà vu or...

So I sat there;
On that very boat,
On that very sea,
On that very day
And sailed the same way
I did many eons ago.

Whether déjà vu or sheer repetition,
I cannot tell.

Floating and drifting with the wind
Doesn’t hold the same appeal it did the first time (or so I thought)
So, I waited it out,
Trusting I wouldn’t end up on the same shore
I started from many eons ago.

Whether faith or damned hope
I cannot tell.

The boat came to rest on unfamiliar grounds,
But the gape in my chest felt the same,
The chill in my heart familiar,
The cloud of perpetual grey hovering over me,
Wasn’t budging.
The sadness that has come to be my lover,
Greeted me with a kiss,
The tentacles of grief groped my feet,
Dragging me beneath,

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