False gods #4

False gods

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Chapter 4: Lost, don’t find me

Waking up to the buzz of my iPhone 7s, I lazily picked up and on the other end was the husky voice of Gbenga, reminding me of our meeting with Pastor. Almost jumping out of my skin, I rushed into the bathroom. That was when it hit me, I had nothing ironed to wear. Like a SWAT operative I kicked open the door leaving a fissure on the door hinges and launched an onslaught on my favourite grey suit. Damn! I was unclad. After spending ten seemingly endless minutes in the bathroom, I donned my suit and ran outside. Panting like Usain after a race, I jumped into my car and sped down the tarred road.

I’ve always felt a deep hunger for the unknown, in part I thought that manifested as a longing for God, certainly not the “god of my pastor”. The question I asked myself as I walked to the church hall was, “am I really fulfilled? Am I in tune with God as I want?” The early apostles had such a profound connection to God that made them perpetually relevant. I wanted that. My cogitation was however short-lived as Gbenga tapped me on my back. Gbenga, ‘my p.a’ as I fondly called him was the chief usher in the ministry.

“Brother Asari, I heard about your ermmm comical jaunt with Pastor. I couldn’t believe my ears. Well, you must give me the full gist later. Let’s hurry up. Pastor detests late coming.” Gbenga said.

The meeting was full of laughter and joy as the money oracle handed the church workforce envelopes all round. He closed the meeting by announcing that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear. Funny thing was, he stared at me as he made the announcement.  Brother Gbenga immediately shot me that knowing look as if to say ‘you’d better tell me the truth’.

Yuwa had been my friend and my immediate boss. I owed him a lot as he was my stairway to the top. We rarely hung out since I quit my job and started working for Pastor fulltime. I was taking him out for lunch today.

“Bro, Iya Basira still does it for me. I don’t have time for all those tush restaurants in town.” I declared.

“I always took you for an Ibo man. You are so stingy even with all the money you make now.” Yuwa replied.

We guffawed and proceeded to consume our amala and ewedu with isi-ewu.

I had just dropped him off at his Lekki apartment and was heading back to my abode. Gbenga’s last statement after the meeting still lingered in my thoughts.

Dude, you dey dull o. Don’t you know that Usher Sandra is falling head over heels for you. You better step up your game.”

I know Sandra quite well; she was the first girl I met in this church. I never knew she liked me. Well, that’s a lie. I know she does because I also like her. Pastor had previously warned me about this girl. He told me she was special and shouldn’t be toyed with. What do I do?

It’s been said, “speak of the devil, you see his tail!” Pastor was calling my phone. What could he possibly want?

“Asari, I know I gave you a break today but I’m out of weed. Please get some for me and bring it to the church.” He said.

– No! –  I almost barked. The word was on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Honestly, I guess I was a little frightened of him. Instead I responded, “Okay Sir!”

Quite frankly, I wanted a greater level of thrills; the type only God could give. I was in church but I knew I was depressed, lost, frustrated, rich and hell bound. I’ve been itching to get it but I was more of a mammon worshipper now.  I’ve heard so much about the Holy Ghost. I didn’t even know if he was real. He sounded more like a poltergeist to me. These thoughts flooded my mind as I drove to the weed man for the high. God in the high places, are you truly who they say you are?

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