Sweet Poison

Sweet Poison

Heart racing… eyes closed… sweaty palms…loud silence. The rhythm of our souls were in sync as we shared the same breath, ran the same race and ate the same food. We did not know where we were going but we were on our way there. We had no doubts, no worries… we weren’t even thinking. This was not just an act; it was a ritual. We dwelled in each other’s shrine as we let the gods of the earth make us dance to the heavy drums beating inside of us.

We gave each other reasons to continue. I was weak; not physically, but emotionally. I was vulnerable. I knew I was in trouble the moment I walked through that door, looked into his eyes and melted into his arms. Now there was nowhere to run to, I had no excuse this time. The gods would know I was lying if I said no. I’d hate myself if I said no. I thought I was safe but now, my heart was at risk. I never saw this coming. How did he find me? Putting all of me into the arms of flesh yet again. I had warned myself never to trust flesh again. I have been twice beaten and thrice shy. Oh! My precious heart, will it be kept well? I thought I was over with finding my destination but here I was, on a whole new journey again. Once again it dawned on me that I was in trouble. This was poison…sweet, sweet poison. I fought with my mind and searched the deepest part of my soul to find an antidote but I had been consumed in every living fibre of me. The more I tried to save myself, the more I wanted, the saner I was. This poison was my antidote.

We stopped for a while, staring into each other’s eyes as we made silent conversations. We weren’t talking but we completely understood what we were saying. This felt right. I saw his fire and he saw mine and we decided to burn together again. We burnt till we had no strength left in us. As we consumed ourselves helplessly, soul to soul, heart to heart, lips to lips, we knew we had found our poison…our favourite poison. And if it is going to kill us, let it be.

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