Withdrawn, Pain

I’m hidden within my pain
I had trust but it didn’t pay
I got riled up with words I had to say…
But then you stood me up
And my words found no way

I was thirsty.
So much that I thought a river was but a mirage
You left me in the dark, lurking
You took my dreams sky-high
But only reality landed
So I walked past him and said hi
Looking for my hope to which he’d said bye.

You left me
Standing at the door of reality with nothing but my humiliation
All around me, stares of both pity and disgust I received
With my self-worth slowly gifting me with its decay
And the face of your betrayal hung in full display

Dear wind,
Whistle no more in sweet apology
For I have lost interest in your endless melody…

Oh rain,
End your pretense of abundance
For my tears have given me assurance that they have more potency for my pain…

I say to the flame;
Hide your head in shame
Because all of your infamous wrath, a drop of my suffering can quickly tame….

Precious earth,
I close my nostrils to your sweet scent
For you have refused to hold me in my descent…

The fairytale is over but I will not emerge from my hiding place
For its cushion is so very comfortable.
I will wander through this mansion called pain
And if I get lost…

Do not reach for me. Not again.


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