I think I’ve gotta let go of the what if’s
Look forward to the coming soon’s

No! Move forward with the rising tides
Bid life’s past events its farewells and goodbyes.
Give up on the thinking
Quit with the drinking

Get a glimpse of sunshine
Raise a song high

Abandon the self-pity earned
Take up the lessons learned

Forget the lullabies
Write a new song
Stop watching the movie, Spies
Start living the renewed life

Cause the longer I wallow in agony
The more I commit self felony
I put me so down, you see
At a time my heart forgot to beat

If I let myself sink inside
Soon I’ll hear the sounds of my own goodbye
If I forget to tell myself to live
Soon I’ll be no one to greet.

For I have turned an oppressor to my very self
I break down being whipped by my own belt
Forgetting to feed off a table on my acclaimed set
Simply because I think my pain is heart-felt

But I need to evolve!
This is my new resolve!

A breath of fresh air again
A grain of happiness gained
Cause really the one to blame for my life’s pain
….is ME

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