False gods #5

False gods

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Chapter 5 : Brutus, Judas, Me

It had rained through the morning so, as Lekki would have it, my Porsche now turned submarine, I was on my way to pick Pastor Winnerman up for his regular weekend “rendezvous with Jesus” played by Nkem. Pastor called her “my cup runneth over” for good reason; she was in her first year in school, but her body had graduated university. The day she entered the church for the first time, Pastor saw some tacky vision –

“There’s a sister here, you are in your early twenties, your name starts from N”

I smirked in my seat, what were the odds?! Twelve young ladies ran out and the great Winnerman gestured at Sister Nkem to come, as she approached him in her sensual gait, she fell under the anointing. After that day, with my help, Pastor got the voluptuous Nkem a tastefully furnished apartment at Dolphin Estate, a place convenient enough for “prayers and intercession”. I was at tipping point, the deceit was once fun and games, now it felt like a pathetic way to live. The wealth seemed to mean nothing, it’s not like my broke days were any better but at least I had a fair amount of mind-peace. If this is the life I choose, I might as well run a prostitution ring in Allen Avenue or a kidnapping syndicate in Mushin, but this duplicitous life was surely enervating.

Life had become tasteless and I was on the highway to hell. I could give up the material wealth for something immaterial right now. These thoughts filled my head today as I drove Pastor down to his mansion.

“Asari, what’s up? You’ve been unusually quiet,” Pastor declared.

I simply nodded my head but parted with no words.

“Young man!” He almost yelled.

Pastor seldom yelled at me. Sensing his seriousness, I replied, “I’m okay Pastor.” I hope I was convincing enough with my mirthless tone. If he even suspected that I had second thoughts, my life would lose its worth really quick like the naira.

“Asari, you’re my right-hand man. Never forget that!”

Pastor’s last words as I dropped him off. Pastor was clearly and hopelessly fake, a charlatan of high repute. I knew that now. Of course, I’ve always known. His atrocities could give Satan nightmares. I thank God for sparing my buttocks from Pastor’s homosexual prowess. I hated the man and hated myself even more. Enough said, I was on a mission for Pastor tonight. I was to drop in on Nkem unannounced and report back to pastor. Even the devil would do his bidding, so who am I to say no? Rumors filtered round the estate of strange men paying her visits. So I had come here hoping to catch her humping on some inconsequential fellow.

Nkem looked quite curvaceous tonight, her see through nightie didn’t make life easy for my overly enthusiastic third leg. I couldn’t take my eyes off her jiggly pointy bosoms. Fully aware of this, she took pleasure in the moment. She had seemed excited to see me at her door like she was expecting me. She came close and sat carelessly opposite me, “Asari, I really like you. And there’s something you must see.” She mouthed. My heart skipped a beat or two. She dropped a large brown envelope on my laps. I opened and I wish I hadn’t. It was filled with pictures of Pastor and Nkem having sex. My God, pastor looked like an orangutan in action. I hated him more. Blackmail, she beat me to it.

“Why? What’s all these?” I demanded.

“I work for Pastor Dokubo. Winnerman’s greatest rival. I have copies of these with trust accomplices. We are taking Winnerman down, his own is enough. But there’s a way out.” She answered.

“Way out!” I thought.” Did I really want to save his ass?”

She walked to me, sat on my laps and whispered,” I want you badly. From the day Winnerman sent you to give me the keys to this apartment, you’ve been the one I want, not him. Not money, just you. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. I promise to destroy all the pictures. Just be my lover. I know you will do anything to save Pastor. So?”

What kind of thing was this? Pastor deserved everything that will befall him. This was my opportunity to share in the national cake. God, I know you understand but I can’t miss this victory.

“Nkem” I called and crouched down to suck on her beauties.

“Release the pictures and I’ll be with you as long as you want. Blackmail, right? join the queue.”

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