Wait! Wait! Wait up!!
Don’t do it
I know you’ve bought the pills
I know you’ve tied the ropes
I know you’ve climbed the cliff
I know you’re about to pull the plug and end the suffering, pain, anguish and misery
I know no one knows how you feel
I know no one knows what it’s like to be the accused when in reality you were the victim
But don’t, I saw it all
When they couldn’t control their libido while looking at an innocent 9-year-old
I saw it all, when they looked at you and regretted why they celebrated your birth
I saw it all, when they promised you paradise and served you hell’s fury
I saw it all, when they sacrificed your love at the altar of hate
I saw it all, when they appeared to you as sheep and turned into wolves
I saw it all, when you struggled with self-worth and ended up losing
I saw it all, when you fought with addiction and lost
I cried too, that night you peeled away from humanity and filled the buckets of your heart with regrets
I cried too, that morning you woke up empty with no one by your side
I cried too, that afternoon you looked around and all you saw for company were dogs biding to lick your wounds
For every tear you shed, I shed two
You were never alone, for I too suffered for every moment you suffered
I too suffered loss for everything you lost
So for the sake of you
Consider my bruises
Consider my nails
Consider my thorns
And just hope one more time

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