Altars of Glass

Altars of Glass

At the turn of the century, we bent the knee

We rose temples of steel to reverence our new-found deity

We logged in to the server, severed our ties to nature and summarized infinity to zeros and ones

Humanity’s umbilical cord got plugged to the wall socket

Cold inorganic angels travel across the sky, far past the peak of Mt. Olympus

The Miracle of Faraday, Genius of Tesla, Acumen of Edison sparked the revolution

We see visions in 3D, our revelations are revealed in 4k resolution

Surround Sound speakers boom peals of thunder, earphones whispered the holy prophesy

With heads bowed, our faces were made radiant in the dark as we gazed the divine

We upload our supplications, download answers and subscribe to religious ecstasy

You need not search too hard to find

In every land, every home, every hand an altar of glass upon which we all make blood sacrifice

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