Facepalm – A Nigerian Stanza

Facepalm - A Nigerian Stanza

You were groomed to be a bride,

Beautiful and pristine.

Adorned by the gods,

You were perfect.


Your beauty caught the eyes,

Of suitors from the West.

And soon after, they came in their ships,

With treasures from their lands.


Oh the naivety of beauty,

How could you let them woo you?

With the gifts shiny and big,

Do you not know you are more precious than gold.


I watched as you shortchanged your identity,

For cheap trinkets,

I watched helplessly as they dragged you,

Shamed your family.


I watched as you endured,

Years of captivity.

Humbled, beaten and robbed of your freewill.


I watched until I could watch no more,

He doesn’t love you, why do you stay?

You have been a slave so long you’ve forgotten how to fly.


So today, I cease to watch.

Take my hands, you can still be beautiful,

Let me break your chains,

And lead you to peace, love and unity.




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