Head held high
She prances with the grace of a goddess
As she walks majestic throughout the land

Her gait commanding respect
Her smile, chaste

Her apparel, exquisitely adorned
Her eyes, highly adored
For behold! This wonderful creation of God

Filled with wisdom and compassion
A being subtle to perfection
Not easily swayed.
Full of conviction.

Beauty personified
She’s the very essence of duty
Her subjects justified
Because she’s able to separate the innocent from the guilty.

She has poise and charisma.
She’s dainty
A simple character.

She’s sought after in kingdoms for miles and miles
But she’s modest
Her eyes on the price

Her Majesty, loved by all
Her fame spans for generations to come
And a mother and sister to all not some

Although blessed beyond measure,
She’s one so humble
Helping the needy
All to her pleasure.

Yet she’s not proud,
She’s dignified.

She’s regal
She’s Royal
She’s a queen
And she holds her crown with her head held high









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