Silence, the first chord ever struck, tune ever played, song ever heard.

Some may say it’s only absence of sound as darkness is of light and evil is of good.

Believe what you wish to be true if only to preserve your sanity which you so covet.

But those who are bold and daring I beseech you to listen attentively to the melody of silence, stare into the darkest of dark and tell me of its immense beauty, the evil in our hearts makes it beat and throb strong and loud.

The evil in our hearts makes us feel alive.

In the beginning there was no form, no action, no life, no death, no hurt, no love, no hate.

The beginning was perfect for nothing else was.

A faint sound in the distance, a spark barely seen, a heartbeat and chaos followed.

From the great emptiness came forth an incredible fullness.

Explosive energies clashing and merging in the void created the world and all its mysteries.

Then the anomaly now called Order took form, the child of Chaos and Death. From Order came Time and from Time came Life and from Life came Sentience and from Sentience came Habit and from Habit came Culture and from Culture came Civilization and from Civilization came Conquest.



Culled from JE SUIS NOIR (I AM BLACK) written by Onyebujor Pius Ifeanyi (@von_wolfgang)

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