Love makes you do funny things

Like trying and failing to find the heart of an ant to dissect

Or simply pouring water in a basket

Just to make someone else smile.

Or rip your utterly expensive clothes to shreds

Or pull out your hair, make it a mess

To show them you’re as impassioned


Love drives a person crazy

Cos only in madness can a young lady without a penny to her name steal or borrow in order to buy her lover a birthday gift.

Or a young man working to make ends meet spend his life savings because his sweetheart needs a new dress… To attend another man’s ball…

But then again, it shows us the things that really matter in sacrifice,

Patience; seeing yet overlooking the excesses of another…


There are nicks in the concept of love though…

How can you love something so much and then lose it?

What is the point of this highly overrated phenomenon that brings with it a truck load of pain and anguish?

Look through the lines from mother to child, brother to sister, man to wife, and then friends, why does the word PAIN always seem to be a constant factor in the equation?

An x that cannot be derived from the resolution of y.

An incomplete equation.


It makes the bond stronger they say…

But what strength is gained when a mother realizes that the child she brought into the world is being dragged out of it by cancer?

Where’s the bond with a person you’ll never see again… On earth at least…

Or how can you love someone so much that you spend twenty years with them and then you sign the divorce papers… you had to give him his freedom.


So is love a cage?

Or shackles that tie one person to another…

I believe love is everything

For there must be light in order for darkness to exist

For one to know pain, he must know happiness…

As the song says…

Love is patient, caring

Love is kind

But in order for it to exist, there must be a breach in time

Its very own enemy

In the form of hate and envy

And bitterness…


Must you love?

Well if you think you mustn’t

Then you will have to contend with the practicality of hate.



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