Just Do It

Just Do It

“Watch me cut off these ungrateful people in 2018, watch me get that dream job in 2018, watch me take over the music industry in 2018…”

I am rooting for you, I promise. But, maybe you should just do it and surprise us. I mean it all seems like the year is going to be pleasant the whole way, right? So, we are all setting out on missions already hoisting balloons and banners of victory, but if this is not your first year on this geoid, then it is naïve not to prepare for setbacks. If you are a Christian and go to a local church assembly, then after the festivities, a fast (food abstinence in this case) follows, yes? Why? Mainly religious reason. But that period of prayers and petitioning the Higher Power for your breakthrough helps to build your resolve. A much needed resolve, a resolve that if had through the year would prove beneficial for your every undertaking. So, along with optimism, get resolve.

I am rooting, you remember? And I want you to have an amazing year, one filled with fulfilment and vacations to desired places, yes. But you need to step out, you need to stop acting like life would serve you what you order, life is a rude chef, you need to kick out the entitlement. It’s going to be a beautiful year, only if you do what is expedient. I mean, your pastor will vibe you up with incomprehensible clamours — “In 2018, God will shake Heaven for you” — Firstly, what does that even mean? To shake Heaven? And on the other hand, Mama Adesuwa might hit you up in early January telling you that she can change your life if you send her N500K to help pave your way on road to Italy or Spain, tell her Wehdone Ma and walk away from her Libya narrative. I want you to prosper, but only if you are taking the legal route, no pun intended.

There would be challenges, challenges that would nearly take the drive out of out, but hold on, find God and find friends on your purpose lane, that might be all you need. It’s going to be a great year notwithstanding, God is on your team. We are rooting for you


Happy New Year, The 3rdEye!

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