Love Me, Not

Love Me, Not

It’s hard to believe but I swear it be true
You think me deranged as I say this unto you
But not loving you is truly how much I love you

Some make their fates, we were handed ours
Played by life and plunged into this whirlpool of disaster
Or maybe it’s just us seeking a way out in blaming life

You were a comfort, now you grow to be a thorn
Like the gods of myths, will you vanish if ignored?
But steadily, amidst fitful pauses, you prod and push while I look away

Loving you will be losing you
You know so much which is o so little
For you seek to win this roulette played with my heart

You’ll lose, in a split second and with no second chance
For like most gambles, this game is fixed
And admissions of affections make the loss more sour

Loving you is real but not the reality you seek
I’ll go unscathed but will you survive the day?
Stop pushing on doors to nowhere, you’ll fall and break your hip; maybe even your heart

No fairytale can come of loving the Gorgon
No Prince’s kiss can break the spells that bind her
Even so fair one,  it reads true and sure; my lack of affection is of deep affection for you

For the game is all but fixed and you’ll always lose even if you had eternity to play
Thus when I say I love you, I do not mean it like you do
To do otherwise will be hate masqueraded as affections
I’ll love you to the heavens and beyond but not in the way you desire my love





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  1. This reaches far and deep. Osione, this love go hard o.

    “My darling, what if I love your love like this? What if I don’t mind turning into a stone for you? Tell me, would we have a chance then?

    1. 😊, 😁

      Alas! My fair one, like Romeo and Juliet our tale ends in tears
      The gods their faces hide from us, for what love could stone ever give or receive?

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