These are the ponderings of a weary mind, the questions of a protruding heart and the expressions of a curious being.

How the moon hates the sun, it wishes it death everyday to rise
How the sun loves the moon, it willingly dies everyday for it to rise
How the oceans loves the beach it overflows to cover it
How the beach hates the ocean it withdraws to be on its own
How the bucket loves the water it receives it every time
How the water hates the bucket it hurts it with every drop
For with life there seems to be a hive of contradictions, what is simple looks complex, what is complex looks simple
How confusing life must then be.
Life appears a gentle torturer, a loving assassin, a friendly beast.
Dishing out hope while yet conveying disappointment, presenting love while yet serving hate, pleading mercy while raising the placards of wrath, beating drums of peace while dancing to the beats of war, singing songs of happiness and sadness on the same key, raining snow accompanied by wildfire
It’s like two sides of a coin dandling and battling which gains the ascendancy, while it wasn’t even tossed
Who threw this die?
Can’t there be one without the other?
Can’t life be straight as a rule?
If you by any means meet this fellow called life on your journey, I implore you to spare a second, help ask the above questions incline thine eyes and help satisfy a worried mind

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  1. Wow….I need to ask life the above questions… I also need answers as well… What a word…Awesome one Sir…🙌👌

  2. Life is contradictory but still united. Even though there’s conflict, one side can’t survive without the other, deep 🙌

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