Am I Enough?

Am I Enough?

Am I enough?

She muttered

Mutters were the only thing she had strength for.

She laid alone tonight in her unmade bed staring at his framed photo

Was I not more precious than the spoils of war?

Did my beauty not eclipse that of an island of women?


It’s a shame you didn’t desire the fire you set in my eyes anymore

I heard the news today

My heart’s heaviness weighted my soul from floating off.

I cried for so long, I forgot how to sleep

Why? Why have you left me so?

We had dreams, why did you leave me to sleep?

Why did you choose to chase foreign borders?

Was my heart not home enough?

Were my hugs not warm enough?

Did the summers touch you better?

Were my kisses not intoxicating enough?

You said you’d return once your heart had gotten its fill

Now you return

But in a hero’s casket, honored

Did an eternity by my side not seem enough for you?

I’ll never know why my love

Why you couldn’t see that you were my forever.

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