It’s Choresday today and it’s all because of you

You see, this day comes only once after many moons

It’s like Mondays but worse and just as necessary too

I’m scrubbing down the walls of my heart, I’m barely halfway through and the water is murky all because of you

I’m cleaning up the windows of my eyes you clouded with your smile and setting right the cushions of my brain cells you turned inside out

Every room in my soul you pranced through, I’m stripping bare of your imprinted steps

Wait! Is that a spider I see in the web of your deceitful sweetness and honeyed death left within my walls?

I’ll do away with that and burn the clippings of guilt you’ve strewn about for good measure too

My heart is aching but I think it’s the hot water surds and not the loss of you

They say cleaning is healing but why does my back ache so much?

Maybe it’s the load of *bull I’ve had to carry cos of my love for you

Love is blind, but mine was crippled, deaf, dumb and probably imbecilic on the very best days

You see why I must clean? To remove the filth, you turned out to be?

It’s Choresday today and I’m getting rid of you.

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