Of Lost and Saved things

Of Lost and Saved things

I lost my way, entirely flew off track
My feet hurt and my eyes were sore from crying
Nothing felt familiar, the air smelled of burning tarmac
My ship crashed, and I emerged from the state of dying
My head still hurt and I could barely see past my helmet
I took it off, and the harsh atmosphere punished my lungs
I’d lost track of the time, swirling round the brink of death
I had barely moved from the wreckage, the pile of wrongs

I’d lost my way, it reminded me of pain
The kind that hurt so much your skin left your body
It goes downhill from here, I’ve been told again and again
My left arm still numb, as was the rest of my body
Is there anyone out there? I’ve been calling out
For hours on end, but no one listened or replied
My throat dry from trying to force a pointless shout
If you were to walk past, it would be as if I’d already died

You must have lost your way, you now stood next to me
I could only tell you were not going to bring me hurt
My gaze moved up slowly and froze, you stood mute smiling
Right now I couldn’t care for your name for what it’s worth
My journey here was one derailment after another
Wrong coordinates leading me nowhere and now here
People stared at my game of charades and didn’t bother
Didn’t bother to help set me straight,no one cared

You should lose the look on your face
I’m bleeding out and you still have said nothing
I stretch my hand out for aid, I’ve had too much space
Never had what I needed, not even when I needed nothing
You still say nothing, but reach out and pull me up
Onto the stretcher, I could barely move my legs
As you wheel me away from the metal and fire mashup
You whisper to my relief, you’ll be fine rocketeer

I had lost my way, lost the need to hold on to faith
It is silly you say? But it’s how I’ve learnt to cope
And although we just met beautiful stranger, wait!
As you wheel me towards solace, I feel my heart pump
In your eyes I see my face, gosh I wish I’d dressed the part
I looked like gravity sat on my chest and pushed me down into the dumps
And I’d forgotten how it is I had learnt to cope
I’d lost the need to desire relief, I’d given up choice
I now could not choose where you were taking me to
Maybe it’s the mix of concentrated oxygen and the concussion
But I trusted you’d not damage too much of what’s left
You’d teach me to cope
You have led me to find a reason to hope

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