False gods #6

False gods

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Chapter 6 : It All Falls Down

Two months into my veiled affair with Nkem, the sex seemed to be all we enjoyed. For a girl her size, her agility is Wonder Woman-esque. She was a school girl who truly didn’t need school, she just wanted money and not education; her body already provided her all things. I come to see her three times a week, I sneak in at midnight, vanish in the morning… I wasn’t her only bed buddy, but I was the only one who wasn’t paying for wonder woman sex, she said she was in love with me and it made no sense. If Pastor found out that we were ploughing in the same “vineyard” I would be done for good.

Nkem was ready to end Pastor’s life with those pictures three months ago, I was too, but something changed. I was on my way home from Nkem’s harem that very consequential day, trapped in a gridlock on the Lekki-Epe Expressway, when I saw a presumed mad man running afoot in my direction. He was being pursued by no one I could see, as he passed my Porsche he decelerated, leaned over and said, “this is not the end, you will die”. I was petrified, stoned to my seat, I looked at the rear mirror and there was no mad man, just Lagos traffic. I couldn’t tell Nkem about this, so I had concocted a story that Pastor Winnerman had fallen ill to cancer, having few months to live.

Pastor Winnerman has always had a panache that attracted people. Little wonder why he had the biggest church and ego in town. I admired the man but his secrets were my woes; one of such secrets was his involvement in the underworld. He had goons on speed dial, they took care of his every problem. Now, why was I thinking about this? Since my encounter with the mentally deranged man a fortnight ago, a holy fear had been cast on me. I couldn’t help but fear for my life. My escapades with Nkem had to go, but still the paranoia that preempts death somehow stayed.

Tuesday 11th November was a date everyone in Lagos marked on their calendars. Who wouldn’t? It was the birthday of the great Winnerman. The birthday bash at his palatial residence attracted the top of society’s caste… It took several weeks to plan for this party and it didn’t fall short of anyone’s expectations. Food, drinks and the most extravagant souvenirs were in abundance for anyone who cared to grace the occasion. He introduced me as his closest friend to everyone and that scared me, it wasn’t our most gleeful spell. Goosebumps came and not the ones that follow intrigue. All seemed to go on smoothly until a figure appeared in my hindsight. Most men at the party stopped in their tracks, mouth agap staring at the work of creation called Nkem. My heartbeat increased and I began to sweat profusely. I prayed silently that Pastor didn’t notice. Nkem walked up to us, congratulated Pastor and proceeded to the garden. Winnerman beckoned to me to make sure she was well taken care of. I wish he hadn’t but I had to obey or risk exposure.

There she sat in the family garden, beautiful as ever but undoubtedly confounded.

“You lied to me, you abandoned me” She thundered under the background music.

Trying to be coy, I replied “I can’t explain how much I missed you”.

She jumped on me and sweet electric sensations flowed through my body, her hands laid on my waist and shoulder.

“I have something important to tell you.” She cooed.

All of a sudden, Winnerman appeared by the garden fence walking with Yuwa, I pushed her aside and ran up to them. Thank God he didn’t see anything, I thought heaving a sigh of relief. I left Nkem with pastor and went away with Yuwa. My oldest buddy tapped me on the back and whispered to me, “I saw you”.

Morning came fast and as expected, I was hungover from the party, but not from alcohol, weed. We all puffed and passed in the “inner room”. My phone rang and the caller ID showed Pastor Winnerman. I picked and I heard him say,” you have some explaining to do.” I can’t remember if the phone fell or I hung up but something else caught my attention. It was a picture of Nkem on the TV. The headline read, ‘Unilag student found dead in her apartment.’


It’s my observation that those who plow evil and sow trouble reap evil and trouble.

One breath from God and they fall apart

Job 4

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