For Flight Graced With Dreams


I have been on a journey

Slowly making my way through a field of thorns.

Inflicted, I’ve been a victim of a history of pain and unrequited love.

Again still I journey, in hopes that I’d find a rest point.

A cessation of the maddening ringing in my ears.

A saving, in need of a saving.

I’ve stumbled and fell into the arms of souls with no interest in my scars.

Beautiful. I found them beautiful

But with beauty comes pain. More pain.

Still I journeyed on, eyes tired from crying. Chest hollow and frosty. Legs weak from falling.

Now I found myself at the edge of it all. The end of the road.

Downward was the way. I didn’t mind

Falling was all I could do. Into deeper levels of depression, harsher zones of hurt.

So I didn’t even jump, I slipped off the edge and fell again. Oh well, the ride.

Prepared for another thumping awakening. But still I floated. As if upwards

The air smelled differently, almost sweet.

Soft lush hair flowed over my face

Soft hands softly held me in place,

and a voice whispered.

It’s time to fly, Icarus.

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  1. This gave me goosebumps, really well crafted! It made me sad in the first place until the sudden change in the downward spiral of this piece. It made me smile 🙂

  2. Aww I had to come back to this and it’s really a beautiful rendition of love and pain as experienced by the persona who’s no different from us, the readers. That I could relate easily with the persona’s dilemma is an attestation to the obvious, that the poet has indeed mastered his craft to finesse for it takes a great wordsmith to make the reader walk in the shoes of the persona. Well done bard, sing on we are listening.

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