Suicide Squad Review: The Bad Guys Get A Bad Movie

Suicide Squad

Faced with a world without Superman (as revealed in the film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”) and the protection he provides from global threats, government official, Amanda Waller (the amazing Viola Davis) has a crazy backup plan. Rather than allowing super villains go to waste behind bars, she proposes tapping into their talents for […]

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POETRY: Black And White

Come down that hill Izuchukwu See the valleys betray the mirage of life’s affairs, Down that fabled horizon of yin and yang. Lead the chase in youthful dare, Down and down, in truth so clear. Be naïve in zeal; lo, life is black and white.   Come down that hill Izuchukwu Unravel the mirage of […]

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Wholly Matrimoney #1

Wholly Matrimoney #6

Episode 1 Two red-letter days in my life – the day I met her and the day I lost her. “Her” is Morenike, or Nike as she is fondly known, the love of my life whom I lost on the day my appointment with Exxon Mobil was terminated. Perhaps you are thinking she died. Well, […]

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Blue Dandelions #1

It was 1908, the war had just ended. The little town which sat on a hill was slowly recovering. Sally Stone, daughter to Frederick and Emma Stone liked to pick flowers during her free time as it was an escape from the memories of the war and those that haunted her. Her daddy was lost to the war, […]

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Poetry: Feast of Disdain

feast of disdain

Beneath the throbbing sun rays Cascading all in her zestful angst, I sigh upon the fate of men and the days When all shall stand nigh death’s precipice, The cliff of life, and relentlessly thrust To the afterlife… few shall be at peace.   POETRY: Pain Demands To Be Felt   But now is that […]

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Ghostbusters: It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

Coming from a movie that broke the record for most disliked trailer on YouTube, this was shockingly likeable. In fact, this movie would never have come to life if not for the resilience of Sony’s production team. From the get-go, everything was against this reboot. There were various online campaigns to stop Paul Feig and […]

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Commentary: Abraham Lincoln Lied!

Abraham Lincoln Lied! It was one of those unproductive days at work. In an effort to escape the frustration, I committed my thumb to its now customary pilgrimage, beginning from top to bottom of my phone, scrolling across my phone, as I skimmed at my Facebook newsfeed for anything worth reading, I got one: “Government […]

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