POETRY: Black And White

Come down that hill Izuchukwu

See the valleys betray the mirage of life’s affairs,

Down that fabled horizon of yin and yang.

Lead the chase in youthful dare,

Down and down, in truth so clear.

Be naïve in zeal; lo, life is black and white.


Come down that hill Izuchukwu

Unravel the mirage of life’s affairs.

With the boisterous contempt

Of a fleeting ambition, again and again

Find that parcel upon life’s fields intent

Upon fitting morals in righteous disdain.


If all be laid to ashes scattered abroad

Upon the fine sands of time,

Shall the sooth at thy moral goad,

Flee from amongst the ashes as the prime

Dawn upon sunrise’s command?

Izuchukwu, find the yin and yang upon these sands.


Down this valley, faith is lost

Upon ambitions cold as the frost.

Ideals fade in the sunset,

Your yin, your yang, is thus beset.

Come down that hill Izuchukwu

Here lies the awakening of life’s affairs.


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