Blue Dandelions #3

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It was Friday afternoon; the sun was scorching but the wind was right enough to cool your warm skin. Splash of colours. Acrobats, stretching and pulling stunts off. Loud live band music that people cared little for the lyrics. Gift in hand, face in cotton—cotton candy. Sally was reliving her favourite childhood memories, but in her mother’s stead, John was the one holding more ‘sweet things’.

With his shirt tucked in an old jean and cowboy boots adorning his feet, John looked Western; he even wore a hat to complete the look. A beer in one hand, and a basket of sweet ‘nothings’ in the other, he was enjoying the fair more than he anticipated. He was stuffed to the neck, cause women old and young were fawning over him and kept bringing him food. They all wanted marriage—marriage for their daughters, sisters or their very widowed self. The sight of Sally with him did little to deter the really desperate ones. They would snag someone’s beau if they found a loophole.

A frown gradually formed on John’s face, as his eyes fell on his sisters, they were at the fair with the governor’s boys who were only in Sugarplum for the Summer. John detested these Summer flings, and didn’t want to deal with whatever consequences the boys’ leaving would cause, but his mother seemed oblivious to his strong reasons and happily welcomed them for tea whenever the opportunity presented itself much to John’s chagrin.

The hours had gone by, Sally and John had had their fun, they were both exhausted. The ride back to the estate was quiet, as Sally had long snoozed off, leaving John with his thoughts. “Sally we are here” said John in an attempt to wake her up but she seemed too far gone. Though they just started getting acquainted, John was sure they had gotten to the ‘carrying’ stage, heck he wasn’t even sure they had a future. Pushing the thoughts and memories trying to overwhelm his mind aside, he kills the engine and gets out, goes around to open the door. John carefully picked Sally, being extra careful not to interrupt the smile on her face as she slept. Two steps away from the car and Sally’s sleep-induced mumbling halts John, but she doesn’t wake; instead, her breathing rhythm continues as she unconsciously readjusts her body to merge with John’s. The sight of John carrying Sally alarms the Butler, “what could have happened to the mistress, Sir”? “She fell asleep”, John felt obliged to say to the man when he saw his paled expression. Heaving in relief, the butler heartily replies, “well in that case, her bedroom is upstairs, follow me please”.

John tucks her in bed, stands over her to watch for a minute as he was in awe of the way she laid peacefully like a babe, before heading for the door.  “John please stay”, Sally’s voice had him turning back. It was the stark need in her voice that tugged at his heart; he was reading so much in those three little words. Realisation finally dawned on Sally as she lifted her shoulders off the bed, “I’m wearing my night dress”, she blurted. “Naomi helped” was the only reply John could think of. “Come to bed, John”, Sally said, ignoring John’s reply. This woman could undo him with so little words, his loins were heating up. With Sally silently getting rid of her night dress to reveal the palest skin John had seen, his jean suddenly seemed too tight.


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