Poetry: Feast of Disdain

feast of disdain

Beneath the throbbing sun rays

Cascading all in her zestful angst,

I sigh upon the fate of men and the days

When all shall stand nigh death’s precipice,

The cliff of life, and relentlessly thrust

To the afterlife… few shall be at peace.


POETRY: Pain Demands To Be Felt


But now is that longing not longed for,

To kiss upon the immortality and more.

For man to contemplate his Creator and his oar

Of destiny upon the waters of time.

Nay, let us alone in our fleeting prime,

We are feasting nihilist without crime.


Poetry: Oasis in the Desert

Judge not now, thou swindling hypocrite.

For you have also suckled upon her teat.

In sentient romance you did grovel at her feet,

As you pillaged her raiment for pleasure.

Life hath you caressed in feigned disdain.

Hmmm… let the loathsome alone at his leisure,

In that fiery wrath of Sheol abounds no rain,

There is no shelter: torment above measure.


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