POETRY: Loving Nigeria will make you mad

POETRY: Loving Nigeria will make you mad

Loving Nigeria will make you mad.
Or dead from a broken heart.
buffets you from every side
it takes your coat and your cloak
and still demands a second pound of flesh after the first.

I have tried to love her,
I pledged,
trust me I have,
a hero chivalrous,
Faithful loyal and honest with all my strength I tried.
So help me God.

I have been an electrician,
electricity and water generator,
serial petty trader(read entrepreneur) and quack economist.
Full time “graduate applicant”
And what do you get in return?

Oga and his people
with such condescension
Tell us our duty is not done.

They give us statistics
And inane analysis
Detailed projections
With a side of Ivy league degree
Served on a posh accent.

I am convinced I am stupid
Of course I must be
Because, Garri’s price has tripled.
And I cannot explain.

I have stood daily, helpless,
Stripped of humanity
layer after layer, after layer.

I would pray, if I knew what else to
It seems all has been prayed.
We have gone to the ‘drawing board
too many times to count.
Nepa. won’t give any light after this tunnel.

I would hope still
That is what mad people do
Hope without a reason.
And I tell you to
It may be long before better.
madness will get us thru.
And heal our hearts when it breaks

independence people.



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  1. The love for one’s nation is the most unfettered of things; even after the many heartbreaks and disappointments, I cannot afford to lose hope. Just not yet

  2. Bro ..I must say ..this is a great read..let’s only try to relive the hope and further more be the hope we wish to see

  3. Good one sir…
    But I say, we are sure of this hope. We have a reason to hope.
    Tomorrow is bright. I can see the light.

  4. Hope is one of the things that keeps us going, but while hoping we should individually take active steps to cure the Nation of this madness

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