Pulchra Avis

Pulchra Avis

Clothed in radiant beauty
Embodied in grace and charm
Wings whose span are meant for the skies
Eyes with vision beyond the horizon

So why aren’t you gonna fly?
Why wouldn’t you let the span hit the skies?
And the eyes see beyond tomorrow?
Why shouldn’t the world your beauty behold in awe?

Nothing is powerful enough to hold you down save you
So, wipe those tears that blur your vision
Your mama’s name was sorrow, your daddy’s name was pain
But through sorrow and pain comes triumph-You!

So spread those wings
Overcome you so you can be You
Black bird, Pretty bird
You’re gonna fly!


p.s; Pulchra Avis is Sinatra’s reaction to Nina Simone’s black bird
It is dedicated to a friend dear to the heart and to all black pretty birds that are about to take flight.

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