Young Girl, Old Girl

Young Girl, Old Girl

Young Girl, she was tired.
Tired of the small stuff. Tired of seeing the same old faces. Tired of breathing the same old and worn out air. She wasn’t sure of the next wise step to take but she knew she had to move. Her body, mind and soul didn’t let her be as these trio constantly reminded her of how she needed to leave her comfort zone. Day and night, she fought with herself giving excuses and beating herself for even giving excuses. It was worse because she had tried her hands on so many other things she thought was going to give her the big break. But…it was the same story all the time. She failed. She failed so much her heart became a basket, everything she held on to drained out of the little holes, living her heart empty and dry. She was young but she felt life had given up on her, so her mid-life crisis started in her early twenties. She was too weak to dream. She lost hope on success, she lost hope on love, she lost hope on life. But even in the midst of all these tragedies, she knew she needed to move. Young girl needed a place to stay and she remembered the address of her far away aunty she had not seen for years. With an empty heart, with a burdened soul, she packed her bags and so she went.

Old Girl, she was finding herself.
She was nearly fifty but she had not still discovered who she was. She just moved out of her husband’s house to a place far away from town. After a life full of depression, physical abuse from her husband and forgotten dreams; she needed to breath. Life had torn her into pieces and all she had left was the thought of her children who were far away. She was lonely. Hopefully some day, they will become successful and give her a befitting burial when she became wrinkled, old and gone. At least , that was something to live for. And so she lived for a penny, doing a job she never liked and lost hope on smiling again. Oh, one day her niece who she had not seen for years called and told her she was coming and she happily agreed. Now she will have company.

Days and weeks rolled by and Old Girl and Young Girl managed to get by. They talked, they laughed. They shared stories but they both hid their fears and worries from each other. They both pretended that all was well. One day, Old Girl opened up, they had become so close that the fake smiles started fading and the scars they covered with it began to show. Old Girl told her niece about her regrets and wished she was still young. The things she would have accomplished if she could rewind the hands of time. She would have been bolder, she would have worried less, she would have chased her dreams till the world knew her name. Young Girl broke down in tears and realized how much she could still do, how strong she could still fight for her dreams. She was still young and seeing her aunt with all that regret made her determined not to have that same regret when she grew old. There was hope. A new drive was born.

Old Girl saw how much Young Girl chased her dream, she was happy to be the trigger. She saw hope and decided to encourage every other person to follow their dreams. This became so easy for her because she had failed so much that she had enough life lessons to teach and to give. While Young Girl chased her dreams, Old Girl became a motivation to everyone around her and her story brought hope to lives. Soon after, Old Girl was on high demand. People paid her to share her story and to give hope to the hopeless. The pair became successful. They began to live the life that they never thought they would.

One Christmas evening, as Old Girl and Young Girl had a long conversation on how much they had achieved, they were thankful for the challenges they went through. It was a deliberate plan by the universe to bring them together. The old and young helped each other find a new life even when their souls were broken. Regardless of how old or young they were, their failures helped them to find a new start.

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