Lavender Rains Part 3

Lavender Rains

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Angie! Angie!? I knew where she might be, I feared I’d be right so I pretended to wonder.

I walked towards the window, I just noticed it had been unlocked and the drapes were soaked.

The sounds of rain were quickly muted. Locking the windows afforded me time and silence to think.

But the silence quickly became my undoing, I could now hear the sound of the shower running.

Oh shit, Angie

I stood there, unable to move and just stared at the rain dig repeatedly at the concrete in futility.

Think about this, it’s not like Silvia will find out. You’re sly, right?

Right? I’m going to need an answer William.

Ye..ah yeah I can be sly. Super spy.

 God help us

The rains continued, no surprise. It was almost 1 now, Jake was still trapped in a shade somewhere.

Hey, wait, what if Jake showed up and…and bruh, I’m not sure I can do this

Stop whining and go to her. She’s light skinned, you do see that, yes?

Yes. But…

William, are you there? I think your shower’s broken

Her voice cutting short abruptly the delightful chat with my conscience. He was winning.

I took a breath, then several after. I made my way to the bathroom, lightening, the soundtrack for my march.

Just before the bathroom door, I saw my shirt she was previously wearing…and her panties, both a crumpled mess on the floor.

I didn’t knock, just pushed the door slowly open and let it swing on its hinges. Reckless.

There she was, water glistening off her skin…her yellow skin.

It was hard…difficult to look away, so I stared shamelessly.

My eyes scrolling through her frame, detailing her every curve and dip.

She was coyly smiling again, those eyes mocking my weak resolve.

I couldn’t look her in the face so I strayed lower, where her breasts perked as if defying gravity.

They were, both of them supple and firm with nipples I was practically imagining ways to wrap my tongue around.

Noticed I had been focusing them too long, I wanted to be fair so I strayed lower to at least get the big picture.

So I trailed beneath her ample breasts and trailed down her taut stomach accentuated by her nervously clenching.

Her body was flawless, with every muscle dancing in smooth harmony. I was in heaven.

So I needed to die first. Either at Jake’s hand or Sylvia’s.

I swear I had something cool to say.

What seems to be the problem ma’am.

She pointed to the shower head, softly shivering as she did.

The shower’s supposed to make you wet, last I checked. Slick William, slick

She didn’t look like it was funny. I let out a fake cough this time

Oh look who’s making jokes, I think the knob is broke.


Erm you sure you were doing it righ…

She made little work of the distance between us and pressed her body against mine.

Her lips quickly finding mine like a magnet to a helpless needle.

This time, I lost myself and kissed her like a man without his senses.

You know, in the movies there’s usually shower sex, yea?

Shut up shut up!

We kissed some more, she was in control and I enjoyed the ride.

She pushed me out the bathroom and led us slowly to the bed, but took a detour to my reading table.

Where she slowly relieved me of my shorts, and exposing my already throbbing protrusion.

Oh! Someone’s happy to see me

Turn your head and cough sir

She was teasing now, and it was driving me nuts. I had to take over.

So I held her shoulders and pushed her back onto the bed, and after kicking off my shorts, I followed.

Pinning her down against the bed, I traced kisses everywhere my lips would find.

She moaned softly and I reveled in it, until she started moaning my name.

William, William.

Yeah? I answered instinctively. I wasn’t used to hearing girls call out my name in full.

William, William. She said, this time slower and softer.

Do you have a condom?





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