The Plague

The Plague

Walking through these streets
Memories flowing through the breeze
From a time when I thought nothing could hurt me
When I bothered and fussed about the colour of my hat or shoes…..

These very lanes where serendipity caught me.
Singing to a massive audience down at Broadway Street…
My voice rising above the swarming masses
Flanked side by side with ladies showing off burlesque dances.

But it was short-lived
For as I descended from one of my many horses
My dress and hair shimmering and glossy

I heard that cry of pain!
The very first occurrence of the plague
Filling the air with its stench
Flooding the fields with its stain.
Causing all of nature’s essence to fade

For you see.. The plague was a crippler
It was neither man or beast.. For of those two, it was a jester!

He was the very opposite of matter

1 corner! 2 corner! Hut!
Soldiers marching
Their hands clutching gun butts
For even their minds, the fear of the unknown has gripped
And so the plague prances and leaps

For how can one defeat what they cannot see?
Especially when the enemy is the inventor of deceit…

The battle was lost long before it begun
Leaving in its wake, lost fathers and sons

Now as I watch..
Flanked by new companions of pain and nuns
My new clutch called fear..
The ladies no longer care for the shades of dresses or hair

Soon a cry pierces the air
a new one is here!

We all stand hopeless as our end draws near.

This new being suddenly feels the air
It’s strange and it’s slow but it’s here!
Would it dare to challenge the plague in its terrain
I hurt for him
For the plague would crush him…
Or would he….?

For the first time since it all began…
A sound of joy I hear!
It doesn’t look real
Is this some dream?
But alas! The sky is starting to clear!

The new voice heard is one with glad tidings to share…
It brings good news, it says the plague is destroyed!
I don’t believe this!
It has to be a Decoy
One of the vermin to bring us in and destroy
But then our hero emerges
Drenched in the enemy’s blood
How did he do it?
He must be a god!
Out of our burlesque tower we run out as a flood

For the plague has been defeated
He is floored

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