Thanos: Fate has a Face

The last time I bashed a Marvel movie I was hounded on WhatsApp, friends reacted like I had spewed hate speech; which is essentially defined as saying something the other person doesn’t like. People are fragile John, you should care. I was ostracized from the Marvel Universe, only to find solace in the Hall of Justice, the Bat Cave was too macabre for my bright soul. The Black Panther was a cash-bang, but that people expected all and sundry to have a singular opinion on the flick was a sad sight, I waited endlessly for a constructive debate on the issue, but people with fairytale opinions usually don’t want to be pressed for a defense. So, I kept my strength for this hour, to pay mind to Thanos’ Show, scratch that, Infinity War.

The rest of this commentary contains spoilers for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

In this fleeting moment, let us imagine a universe where there is epidemic rationality, where Marvel and DC fans don’t form opinions wholly on sentiments. A world where debates are required for the ratification of viewpoints, where mouths are closed if facts are not sufficient to prove veracity. But this is 2018, so, everyone with a data-enabled smartphone is a powerhouse of knowledge, I digress. About powerhouses, it’s only necessary that we appreciate the visionary that is Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios for well over a decade now, he hasn’t dropped guard, unlike Star Lord… Under Feige, Marvel has made $15 billion and counting. Infinity War for the Marvel Studios was an 18-movie buildup; it was imperative that this movie succeeded, and so all was done to make this the best superhero cinematic rendition ever, and I dare say it worked. The positive critical reviews and record-breaking Box Office proceeds are testament to this.

To fully grasp this movie, it is required that you watch all 18 movies before it, the Avengers Assemble series and binge on some comic books for the culture. This is a flick for fans, no preludes, no caveats; the movie is made with the assumption that you already know who the characters are. Infinity War is more about Thanos than Earth’s Mightiest Heroes; the mad Titan formed the core of this story. In this picture, he’s a demented intergalactic Lord of genocide, whose motive for world balance at all costs had indoctrinated him and his band of minions. They go around the galaxy on nihilistic missions to restore balance, such a great guy. I would love to throw shade at Thanos’ ugly-looking jug of a face, or the fact that his face looks like has a permanent scowl, but that would amount to body shaming the god-warrior in charge of natural selection. I can’t risk that.

“Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good?”

This life!


The menacing character played by Josh Brolin, sacrificed it all to deliver the world of itself. Thanos is so motivated to making this happen that he’s ready to accept a pyrrhic victory, his will is almost righteous. Giving his most beloved Gamora for the soul stone was the scene that got me. Thanos isn’t set out to gain power, he’s set out to fix the world in the most twisted way ever, you can almost sympathize with him, the lessons learnt from the destruction of his ethereal home planet Titan still haunts him. A finite amount of resources cannot tend to an infinite amount of people, Thanos alludes. He’s a fanatic, he’s fate. Over the year, villains in the Marvel Universe have been met with criticism for their increasing hackneyed backstories and motives, Thanos is a breath of fresh air to the audience. There’s nothing like a bad guy who is thoroughly convinced that he’s actually a good guy

Thanos | “When I’m done, half of humanity will still exist. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. I hope they remember you.”

The Russo Brothers deserve accolades, preferably an Academy Award or two. It’s amazing how they made the biggest superhero crossover flick in history look this good, intense from start to finish. They fused many storylines into one plot without making it look like nothing was forced. They discovered the chemistry between Robert Downey Junior (Iron Man) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), actors that both have played Sherlock Holmes, Bradley Cooper(Rocket) and Chris Helmsworth(Thor). The Russo Brothers ended this movie in such a way that they leave your mind blown away, but your feelings shattered, yet you are ecstatic and expectant for the next installment. This is how stories should be told, Marvel has made its best film yet.

Thanos will return!

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  1. Best Marvel movie so Far.

    Something certainly mind blowing.
    It got all my emotions going.
    That’s truly how a story should be told.

  2. I feel so heartbroken that I won’t get to see this anytime soon😥 I’ll revisit this after I do 😊 Beautiful commentary btw, increased my anticipation but how dare you go easy with the spoilers!!!

  3. Perfect Balance is all Thanos seeks…..Thanos knew the selfishness of every being and instead of asking nicely, he decided to balance the scale himself.Thanos is undiluted justice…….When he met little Gamora, that scene got me, he sacrificed it all to save the universe and nobody understood.

    Tony Stark remains Sarcasm goals. The Russo brothers just delivered a masterpiece, interweaving the humour of characters like StarLord, Spidey, Drax with the seriousness of characters like Black Panther, Scarlett Witch n Captain was fascinating to see.
    Peter Dinklage for Headies tho

    1. @Crackingwaje, when it comes to comic book renditions, this is as good as it gets. About the acute loss of life, there’s a false reality that every superhero story possesses, we all know that they are coming back in the second part and that’s the beauty of it, because we don’t know how yet. This genre shouldn’t be judged like all others.
      Thank you for dropping by.

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